Why KJB?

Note: we use the nomenclature “KJB” instead of the more common “KJV” because the “V” stands for “version,” as if the King James Bible is just one version of the English Bible. We hold that the King James Bible is the ONLY English Bible, and all others are inferior at best, and pure corruption at worst. Thus, “KJB” is our accepted method of referring to the King James Bible on this site.

For most people, “Ruckmanites” are known mostly known for holding an unflinching, unapologetic stance on the King James Bible. This association is made because of the testimony of Dr. Peter Ruckman, who has stood for decades in defense of the KJB, and who has taught his students at Pensacola Bible Institute to defend, study, believe, and obey the King James Bible.

Here you will find articles that deal with different issues surrounding the King James Bible, from why we take this position to polemics dealing with other versions and where they attack and diminish key doctrines.