Few doctrines are less understood, or more misunderstood, than Dispensationalism. From Baptist preachers who will question a person’s salvation for “believing in works salvation!” (not true) to post-millennialists who completely ignore any changes in “house rules” altogether, the vast majority of Christians today have a very distorted idea of what Dispensationalism truly is.

Making matters worse is the fact that many people will ignore a doctrine or viewpoint simply because they disagree with a certain person who happens to also hold that viewpoint. For instance, this site is named after a preacher in Pensacola, Florida, whose name most Baptists shy away from, whether out of ignorance or personal bias. Simply put, we should allow the Bible and the Holy Spirit to show us the truth, regardless of what this or that man says or who holds to such a belief.

Below you will find a series of topics listed. If you haven’t read through the Introductory Studies section yet, please do. It will lay the groundwork for the deeper and more complex matters that will be dealt with in this part of the site. If you’ve already viewed those pages, below you’ll find some very pertinent and helpful information on a large variety of topics dealing with Rightly Dividing.